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Yaay, Your teddy bear Beary Boo!

Now fill in the address, where your teddy is going to be living in. Don’t forget to tick the bottom check box, so we I am able to send you fairytales during your patient waiting.

Order - Delivery option

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Choose the payment option.

Beary Boo is custom tailored to your wishes. We need money ahead to be sure that you are really interested in Beary Boo. Your Beary Boo is original and no one except you would adopt him in case you changed your mind.


Invite me home!

Hello there! I am 12 inch soft teddy bear Beary Boo. I am not usal as most of my friends in toy stores though. You can create me yourself, on your own or even better, with your parents. That way you can spend more time together and I am sure you will have quite some fun doing it! Whether I will be fireman, police officer, sailor or I will have some cute photo on my T-Shirt, I will help you enhance your motor skills by playful activities (such as dressing, tying shoelaces, zip the jacket). I have little heart in my ear, so you can always tell me your most secret wishes and stories. We might as well meet each other in kindergarten where I help to teach all your little friends. Well I want to be you big furry friend and so I can be your companion to all adventurous trips, summer camps or for holidays at your granny’s:).

Free shipping for the first 100 teddy bears!

Create Beary Boo

It’s easy! Firstly create me with your creativity, then order me with your parents. In two week I will be knocking at your door, packed in my original home box, which you can paint for me. I don’t want you to be sad waiting so I will send you some fairy tales about me and my friends, some games and tasks for you not to get bored in meantime. I am so looking forward to see you! Beary Boo

Which color will my fur have?
Choose the most beautiful eyes?
And now the nose!
Insert your favourite photo or image and I'll have it on my t-shirt.

Favourite choices

Do you want to become a fireman or police officer? Will I remind you of your parents with your favourite photo of them? Look at all my brothers and sisters :).